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Discreet home charging

Domestic EV Charger
Domestic EV Charger - front aspect
Domestic EV Charger in situ

discreet and stylish domestic 7KW EV charger available as a socket or a tethered cable. The charger can be wall mounted, or pedestal mounted with both bottom and back feed options for the incoming supply cable. A unique sliding socket cover ensures simple one handed operation whilst protecting the socket interface.

Domestic EV Charger - side 2
Domestic EV Charger -side
Domestic EV Charger - plugged in

Smart charging functionality is provided via a bespoke electronic assembly and includes connectivity with home automation systems such as Alexa and Google Home for remote starting/stopping and scheduling of EV charging sessions.

  • High quality, soft touch black plastic enclosure

  • Colour coded anodised aluminium sliding socket cover and trim

  • LED status lighting.

  • Wall or pedestal mount

  • Bottom and back feed options for supply cable.

  • Home automation system compatible

Domestic EV Charger - plug in 2
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