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7.4kW HOME


Effortless charging

7.4kW Home Charger
7.4kW Home Charger in use

The 7.4kW home charger uses the same functionality developed in our Unlocking Accessibility consultancy project to solve the current lack of accessible electric home car chargers.

To initiate the charging sequence, the user simply hovers their hand over the touch-activated side panel, before unwinding and retracting a built-in motorised cable using two plug-mounted buttons which dispense and coil the cable around a central drum. 

7.4kW Home Charger in situ
7.4kW Home Charger app

The charger's research-led design provides quick, easy motorised cable extension that eliminates the chore of carrying cumbersome cables. The system allows users of all levels of mobility to easily extend and retract up to 7.5 metres with ease.

As a smart charger, the home charger is also provided with its very own Duku EV app, which can connect to home automation systems such as Alexa and Google Home with the ability to schedule charging sessions.

Public trials throughout development with key user groups have validated research-led design decisions and the inclusion of relevant mobility experts throughout the design process, including Helen Dolphin MBE and Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson; as well as relevant user consultancies, RiDC and Urban Electric provided valuable feedback to ensure that the charger was as accessible as possible.


Following the creation of this latest iteration of the home charger, our team were delighted to showcase the product at the London EV Show in November 2022 alongside the 22kW public variant. The charger received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from fellow exhibitors and attendees, as well as a number of famous faces!


Further product testing and development is now underway to prepare the charger for mass production.

7.4kW Home Charger - Mounted Socket
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