A Mode 3 EV domestic charge point including 1 x 7KW 5m EV Tethered Cable & separate electrical assembly (for installation by a certified electrician).


High quality black plastic enclosure, colour coded anodised aluminium trim and LED status lighting. The product can be wall mounted, or pedestal mounted (with the optional EV pedestal) with both bottom and back feed options for the incoming supply cable.


Compatible with home automation systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home (compatible hub required) for remote starting/stopping and scheduling of EV charging sessions.

DEV-01 Tethered Cable - Copper

  • Features

    • Mode 3 EV domestic charge point.
    • 1 x 5m long 7KW Tethered Cable for case C connection of an EV to a supply network.
    • Outdoor use.
    • Wall or pedestal mounted.
    • Home automation connectivity via Amazon Alexa, Google Home Hub and Third Party app


    • EV charging unit
    • Internal electrical enclosure