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  • What is the power of the charger?
    The charger is 7.4kW
  • What prevents the cable from overheating within the drum?
    There are several preventative measures ensuring that the cable housed within the charger does not overheat. An internal fan is initiated if the drum reaches a certain ambient temperature. If the temperature continues to rise due to particularly hot weather conditions. In that case, the charger also has the ability to reduce the amount of power transported through the cable, returning the temperature back down to normal and restoring the power back to 7.4Kw.
  • What makes the charger accessible?
    The charger has been designed using research findings from our Unlocking Accessiblility project which involved several public trials with disabled users, in addition to receiving input from a large number of disability consultants and organisations throughout. The entire charging process can be operated with one hand meaning that it is very easy to use for those with a disability. The height, interface, and colour of Reevo: Public have been meticulously designed to make it as accessible as possible, subsequently meaning that it meets all oft the British Standard Institute's latest guidelines on Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging: (PAS 1899).
  • Do I have to fully unwind the cable before retracting it?
    The charger can be released up to a length of 7.5 metres, however, it can be unwound to any smaller distance using the plug-mounted controls.
  • Can I order the charger in a different colour?
    The charger is currently only available in black; however, should you be interested in a different colour we may be able to offer a limited production run if we have sufficient interest.
  • What happens if I don't return the cable?
    If you do not return the cable back to the end threshold point yourself using the plug-mounted controls, an automated return system will be initiated after 20 seconds which will return the charger back to the drum. ​
  • Is there a choice of cable colours and does it come in different lengths?
    The charger comes with a blue 7.5 metre cable as standard. Currently, we do not offer other variations, however, this is something we may add in a future production run, should enough interest be shown.
  • Is the charger a smart charger and does it offer app integration?
    Yes, it is a smart charger and can be connected to the internet through a built-in ethernet cable or wireless connection. The Duku EV app allows users to schedule their charging cycles.
  • Where can I buy the charger?
    The charger is now available to pre-order for £100 directly through our website. More details are available on our terms of sale page here
  • What are the payment terms and am I fully committed by paying my deposit?
    We are currently accepting £100 pre-orders for the charger. The remaining amount of £2395 will be due for payment in the summer of 2023 on the release of the charger. You can have your deposit refunded at any point before the release of the charger.
  • Is installation included?
    Duku EV supply products to customers excluding an installation service, meaning that customers are responsible for organising the installation of the product and ensuring the suitability of the installation site.
  • Do you have a list of approved installers?
    If required, Duku EV can recommend installers for customers who will be able to advise on the suitability of installation, offer site surveys and provide a quotation for installation services.
  • Can I install the charger myself?
    We recommend using a qualified installer to install our charger. Although it is simple to install through the plug-and-play system, if it has not been installed by an expert, it will not be covered under our warranty.
  • What are the power requirements that I need?
    To install our charger, your house or business requires a single-phase power supply (230v 32A) This is standard for the majority of homes in the UK.
  • What is the weight of the charger?
    The charger’s weight is 20kg.
  • I'm a supplier/distributor, how can I get in touch?
    If you are a distributor or supplier who would be interested in stocking Reevo please get in touch by sending an email to .
  • Is there a warranty on the charger and what does it cover?
    Yes, there is a three year warranty on the charger that covers manufacture defects and components.


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