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Ben Capern

Product Designer


BSc (Hons) Creative Product Design, University West of England

More about Ben

Ben won the British Plastics Federation’s Young Designer award and the RSA award for his ground-breaking project created throughout his time studying at University.

Ben has an eye for detail, ensuring his projects are thoroughly developed, tested and optimised before moving to production. During his time at Duku, he has worked as part of a larger team to deliver complex projects for the healthcare industry, as well as overseeing his own projects through to production working with our manufacturers to refine the production tooling and approve samples. His talent for product styling and ergonomics ensures every design he works on has a high level of aesthetic consideration alongside thorough consideration of the user experience.

Outside of work, when Ben is not supporting his beloved Bristol City, he is usually found in the gym or reading packets of food in supermarkets to find what has the highest protein content.

Ben Capern
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