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Dual socket pop-up EV charger
Location: Plymouth

UE ONE MK3 EV Charger

The MK3 pop up charger uses dual electrically operated extrusions to provide improved control and user experience within a compact footprint.. 30 Chargers were installed at multiple locations in Plymouth as part of an Innovate UK funded project.


Key MK3 features include app operated OCPP functionality, Dual 7KW charging sockets, a plug and play installation system and a range of failsafe sensors to ensure reliable and safe vehicle charging.


The charger retracts flush with the pavement, extending to a height of 900mm when initiated via app operation

UE ONE MK3 EV Charger

30 mass produced units were installed at multiple locations in Plymouth to allow for public facing live trials to take place.

Duku liaised throughout the project with all key stakeholders including council representatives, electrical contractors and civils teams to ensure project success. This included remote and on site installation and maintenance support.

The project success and development of relationships with key project partners led to a further funded project focusing on developing the worlds first accessible charger.

Building on the MK2 units installed in Dundee, the MK3 underwent further extensive design development to ensure a reliable, cost effective manufacturing solution could be provided.


Alongside extensive environmental and cycle testing, electronic and communication functionality was further refined, allowing additional pre-emptive maintenance sensors to be incorporated for improved remote monitoring.

A unique plug & play system ensures that chargers can be installed and removed in as little as 10 minutes, ensuring continued uptime for charge point operators.

UE ONE MK3 EV Charger - testing process
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